FCC Narrow banding

The Federal communications Commission has mandated that by January 1, 2012 all UHF and VHF radio systems must begin using 12.5MHz technology in all systems. This rule change was made to create better spectral efficiency for both Public safety and Private users.Radio transceivers build prior to 1997 may not have the capability to meet the narrow banding specifications. New London Technology, Inc. can assist you in all compliance needs from retuning existing infrastructure to replacing non-compliant equipment with either “Factory new”or reconditioned products.


FCC Website on Narrow Banding



Mastr III station Narrow banding

Mastr III stations built by GE and Ericsson prior to 1998 may not be narrow band capable or FCC compliant. New London Technology, Inc. has in stock a large selection of late model reconditioned Mastr III stations, modules, and parts available. These stations and modules can be configured to make your site compliant with 12.5 KHz channels. Please contact us for further information.


Mastr II and IIe Stations

Mastr II and IIe Stations built by GE and Ericsson are not compliant and will need to be upgraded to meet the FCC regulation.