New London Technology Makes Upgrades More Affordable With LMR Trade-In

The New London Technology trade in program allows dealers and end users to turn in good working equipment for cash or credit toward the purchase of new products making upgrades more affordable, faster, and environmentally friendly.

Simply submit your list of equipment to us for evaluation and we will provide you with a detailed price structure of what the items are worth as trade in. NLT will also arrange for pickup of the equipment, and provide an inventory of the items.


Have Electronics And Surplus That No Longer Has Value?

NLT will recycle it at no charge! NLT also recycles older legacy equipment that no longer has value in today’s market. Contact NLT with a description of the items you wish recycled and our staff will provide you with an RMA to ship with the items. After your items arrive we will disassemble the products down to the base components (steel, aluminum, copper, PC boards, etc.) and send them to a licensed recycling center for you.


Need Removal Of An Existing System?

For the past 25 years NLT has been an industry leader in onsite removal of electronic infrastructure. We have worked for several large companies and  municipalities deconstructing small one site systems; to large Simulcast communications networks. Please contact us for further information on our De-Install service.