Let us maintain your investment! A maintenance contract offers piece of mind across a wide range occurrences common to Land Mobile Radio systems.


Maintenance Contract Advantages


Guaranteed Response Time

Maintenance contract customers are guaranteed emergency response time and 24 hour non-emergency response time. This will insure your organization a minimal amount of disruption and inconvenience from service issues.


Contractual Obligations

The New London Technology Team is contractually obligated to service your equipment in a timely manner. We also maintain the largest spare parts inventory in the industry with over 17,000 part numbers in stock for your system. Maintenance contract customers will receive priority status over a time and materials customer. This will offer your organization the assurance that your private radio network will be adequately maintained.


Protects Against Major Equipment Malfunctions

Since your communications system is a highly advanced electronic micro-processor based system, failure of certain parts or sub-assembly could become extremely expensive. Even though you may not have experienced any major losses, there is no guarantee that it will continue this way. This will protect your organization from any excessive repair costs.


Onsite Preventative Maintenance

A maintenance contract offers your organization semiannual preventative maintenance visits of your system by factory trained master technicians.

This service will include the testing or inspection of the following items:

  • Alignment of each channel/station contained in the system
  • Combiner tuning and balancing
  • Sweeping of the antenna systems and transmission lines
  • Inspection of site grounding
  • Inspection and testing of backup power systems
  • General inspection of sites and equipment racks
  • Review of system alarms
  • Review of software revisions

After each PM site visit the administrator will receive a full written report on the entire inspections, faults found, corrections made, performance charts, and measurements made.

For more information about our Maintenance Contracts, please contact us at Service@newlondontech.com.