Pittsylvania County

October –Pittsylvania County Virginia

In October a team of New London Technology’s Engineers and Technology Specialists traveled to beautiful Pittsylvania County, Virginia to help Harris Corporation conduct quality testing on the new P25 Phase II Two-Way Radio System installed for Pittsylvania County’s Public Safety Department. This was the first Harris-installed Phase II P25 System in the United States. Pittsylvania County is the largest county in the state of Virginia.

To test the two-way radio audio quality and coverage for all 982.89 miles of the county, engineers followed a detailed map that was divided into half mile grids. The mission was to test the radios and measure the coverage in every half mile grid. This involved covering some very challenging terrain by four wheeling and getting up close with the wild life.

The testing was a huge success!

Thanks to the cooperation of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Department, Fire and Rescue Departments and the very warmhearted citizens – NLT Inc. accomplished the job and is happy to report that the radio coverage was excellent!  (We also enjoyed the beauty of the magnificent mountainous forest and farm land and have many great memories of our experience).